100 word monster stories

Two stories I wrote as examples for pupils asked to write a story involving a monster in exactly 100 words.


Mr Rench, the drunken owner of ‘The Sunshine Orphan’s Home’ pushed Kacey into the attic.

“I’ll be back in 20 minutes, get cleaning you brat.”

Kacey looked around in despair and saw movement under a filthy sheet. With a ‘woosh’ a massive creature stood up and the sheet fell away. Underneath was a fearsome, hairy monster.

“Don’t eat me!” begged Kacey.

The monster’s red eyes widened.

“You – a kidling? Ridic! I only eats groan pups,” he said in a shocked voice.

“Oh,” said Kacey with a smile, “In that case, I think lunch is just coming up the stairs.”

Fairy Nuff

James pulled the pillow over his head. He’d been trying to sleep for hours, but he kept hearing weird sounds. Noises in the chimney, a scraping on the tiles, tapping. A little kid would believe there was something trying to get in.

He wasn’t a kid. Last week, he’d conned his mum into giving him money for some fake teeth he’d left under the pillow.

“Tooth fairy!” he snorted, “What a load of …”

“At your service,” said a crackling, evil voice from the dark.

James pulled the pillow tighter.

“Suits me, I get all­ the teeth under the pillow.”

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