Unexplained Behaviour

This poem is more serious in tone and thinks about what may be behind a child’s behaviour.

I’ll be quiet and do as I’m told

If you’ll only let me be

The grown-ups will think that I’m good as gold

I’ll make sure there’s nothing to see

Whatever they say I’ll agree

I’ll never be caught with a frown

Daily life will wash over me

While inside I slowly drown

You mustn’t look, I’m nobody

Or remark on my absence of sound

I’ve locked myself up and discarded the key

In case you might see me break down.

….  .  .-..  .–.

When the child that I punch cries in pain

Or when the teacher yells

Then just for a moment, the storm in my brain

Is quiet and all is well.

The things that I’ve seen, I can’t tell

With words they’d understand

So I rip through their peace like a shell

Destroying their order and plans

You can threaten, exclude or expel

But I can’t do the things you command

For I’m driven by screaming as clear as a bell

And the slap of my father’s hand.

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